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School mosaic is Bright and Beautiful

Talented pupils at Quinton Primary School showcased their artistic talents by creating an amazing mosaic mural with the help of a local artist ceramic artist.

Every pupil at the school, more than 200 in total, played a hand in creating the artwork which has now taken pride of place in the school entrance hall.

The artwork was created with Alderminster-based artist Ros Ingram, who visited the school for two weeks last term, working with pupils to make every intricate detail of the piece.

Ros took these parts away over the summer and constructed the mural, which is based on the hymn ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.

The artwork has been partly funded by the fundraising efforts of the Quinton Parents Association.

School office manager Eve Maxwell said: “The mural just looks stunning, visitors to the school have said they have never seen anything like it before.

“It reflects the school’s love of music and its ethos that all children are bright and beautiful and are all equal and gifted in their own ways.”

Published in the Stratford Herald - 19 September 2016


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