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Our broad and balanced curriculum is based on National Curriculum. We use a thematic approach, where each class will have a theme for either half a term or a whole term.  We have a strong emphasis on developing transferable skills alongside building knowledge and understanding by using a range of relevant learning experiences.  The children thrive on "hands on" tasks and are given numerous opportunities to use their new skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Precise assessment which informs the planning enables all children to have equal access to the curriculum. Expectations across the whole school are high and we expect the children to work to the best of their ability and achieve the highest possible standards. Our assessment system is constantly being reviewed and for September 2018 we are introducing a more precise system that we feel will improve the accuracy of the teachers' judgements.  

The holistic approach ensures that intellectual, social and physical development are all valued. We want children to be inquisitive, hungry for knowledge and not afraid to take a calculated risk. 

Every half term/term, parents are sent details of the curriculum via the "What we are learning this half term" sheet. 

For more details for parents about the New National Curriculum (2014), please click on the relevant links below:

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